Meet the entrepreneurs: Artem Prytykin, Bookmarked

Artem Sykes

Artem is a second year Business Studies degree student at Cass Business School. He is also the founder of an app called Bookmarked. We spoke to him to find out more.

What is Bookmarked? Give us your elevator pitch

Bookmarked allows students to buy and sell books to each other with no fees and no charges.

The aim of Bookmarked is to connect all the UK universities and give students high quality learning resources which boost their performance.

What inspired you to create this app?

One day when walking home I had the idea for an app that would allow students to buy and sell their books to other students for a reasonable price.

I researched companies that allow students to sell their books back to them, but found they often offered really low prices which wasn’t worth the hassle selling it back to the company. So I came up with Bookmarked.

What have you achieved so far? What is your aim for the next year?

The app is in its early stages, but the biggest achievement is creating a fully functioning iOS and Android app.

I also managed to get the School of Oriental and African Studies to use my app.

My aim is to gain over 200,000 users across the UK, and to create a virtual book exchange between all the universities, allowing students from all over Britain to sell and buy books from each other. I am currently approaching more universities to endorse my app and have had a few positive responses.

What has been your biggest challenge?

I created the iOS app first and realised that a lot of people use Android. So, I also created one for Android. However, this was one of the biggest challenges I faced. When the Android app was created, there were problems with the chat functionality and I had to make a decision on whether to roll it out with the glitch as it was the season for selling books, or to fix the glitches in the chat and lose the prime window in which the app would be used. In the end I deleted the chat and had it reprogrammed it from the beginning so that now it works perfectly.

Is there anything you’ve done that you wish you could turn back time and try again?

I think that every entrepreneur has something that he would do differently. I would say no, because time cannot be turned back, and entrepreneurship is the process of trial and error until you reach the success you strive for.

What funding have you had so far? How did you secure it?

I am proud to say that every pound that I have invested so far came from myself. I have earned the money from my previous ventures, which in turn was invested into the app. It Is very important for me to be self-funded and to understand how much can I achieve without any financial help from other people.

Do you think London has a good entrepreneurial culture?

I think London is a very good place to start your firm. It is very crowded with different events, talks and other things that connects people together, so you can see what people of your age are doing. It really helps me because it shows that there are people who are the same age as you, who are doing great things and you aren’t. That’s what really gives you a start-up kick.

How do our readers find out more?

If you would like to download the app or for further information go to:

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