Free beer and champagne

The annual Midsummer Champagne Event which CEN hosts has become a popular part of London’s social calendar for entrepreneurs. This year was no exception with a sold out event. 

Over 100 people crowded into the Cass University courtyard last Wednesday for a balmy evening of free drink and canapés. 

The conversation seemed to be flowing as well as the alcohol (the two may have been linked), as entrepreneurs caught up with old friends and met new contacts. 

The event, part of London Technology Week, attracted a nice mix as usual. The school’s business students mixed with alumni entrepreneurs from some of London’s most exciting start-ups such as Masterscroll, Stubble & Strife, Stagedoor, Individuum and e-coin. A number of smart people in private equity were also in attendance to meet that new talent. We were also delighted to continue our relationship with the Institute of Directors, a natural organisation for CEN entrepreneurs to join as their businesses scale. 

There was particular excitement this year about CEN’s speaker, Patrick Morselli, Head of Global Expansion at We Work. We were extremely lucky to find Patrick, a man who lives between several cities, in this country and able to speak at the event. 

The reason Patrick is in London for a few weeks is that We Work will soon open its next London premises at Moorgate, offering another location for members to work and meet. If Patrick hadn’t already got the crowd excited outlining the facilities, they were vocally in support when he explained that free beer is available for We Work members. 

We Work is an exciting business currently scaling globally, but there was plenty of evidence that Cass will create its own global success stories before too long. 

Thanks to everyone who attended and particularly to We Work for sponsoring such a brilliant event. We’d love to hear if you enjoyed the event either below or on Twitter.        

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