FCL helps organise internships for start-ups

Today we interviewed, David Stringer-Lamarre, Managing Director of Fortis Consulting London (FCL) about the company’s internships programme for start-ups.

CEN: Tell us what ‘FCL Internships (Start-Ups)’ is  – give us your elevator pitch.

D S-L: It is a service connecting busy growing start-up companies with talented individuals; recent graduates and continuing students. By outsourcing the search and initial screening to FCL, start-ups can concentrate upon establishing, running and growing their business.

It is one of the four pathways that exist within FCL Internships: the other three are UK Established Companies, UK Companies with an International Focus and Non-UK Internships.

We only work with companies that offer paid internships and always on a ‘no hire, no fee’ basis.

CEN: Why did you decide to add ‘FCL Internships (Start-Ups)?

D S-L: From our initial work with UK based large companies, looking for talented students with insight and experience relating to international markets (FCL International Focus), companies asked us to expand our provision. This was first into overseas internships, then general UK companies and most recently start-ups.

CEN: What makes FCL Internships different?

D S-L: FCL is now five years old so we have a very good idea of what is needed when launching, establishing and growing a company. The one commodity that is always in short supply is time.

As the Chairman of the Institute of Directors, City of London, I am privileged not only to engage with many long established companies (UK and international), but also start-ups created by entrepreneurs with a passion to succeed. This is very valuable when designing and running an internship service focused upon helping start-up companies develop.

At the heart of our approach is the fact that we are ‘demand-led’ by companies. They set out their requirements, select which individuals they wish to see and finally determine if they want to offer them an internship.

CEN: Internships are not the main business of FCL; why did you move into this space?

D S-L: The initial expansion into internships in 2013 came out of our core business, which is organisational development for companies, including multinationals. Dealing with business leaders and senior HR professionals it became apparent that there was an engagement gap. Companies wanted high quality recent graduates and student talent, and these groups wanted to engage with quality companies, but most of the time they failed to connect, for one reason or another.

The FCL Internships ‘Start-Ups’ pathway is just another aspect of this, where we use our company’s extensive connections to help to bring companies and talent together

CEN: How can start-ups find out more about this service?

D S-L: Simply visit our website and click on ‘internships’: www.fortisconsultinglondon.co.uk

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