CEN’s first event of the term: Startup Speed Networking

The first event of the year for Cass Entrepreneurs Network took place on November 26th and was a success. As a network, we are committed to providing opportunities for members to get exposure to the job market. The specific aim of this event was to connect our members with startups looking for new employees.

The evening was kicked off with opening speech by our student president, Vit Soural, and HiredGrad’s CEO and Co-Founder Andrea Bonaceto. They were followed up by the representatives of the startups who came. UENI spoke about the importance of catering to a specific niche and the riveting background of their company. We were also pleased to be hosting LMarks for the evening who spoke about what they do in regards to connecting startups with big corporations and the effect of their previous collaborations. ITScard also joined us with a fascinating story on the history of their startup and their stories of international entrepreneurship. We would like to thank the participating companies for joining us last night with their unique stories.

The presentations were followed by networking among all the participants while everyone who came took turns speaking to the participating startups for a brief minute or two in a separate room.

We have been told the connections made seemed promising and we will report back on the outcome of the event at a later date. Last year, the speed networking event resulted in two people accepting full-time positions with the participating companies. We are confident we will yield similar results this year as everyone who was there were carefully selected from 250 applicants.

Thank you again, to everyone who came to last night’s event. If you couldn’t make it, make sure you follow us on our social media platforms to keep up with upcoming events and opportunities (@CENLDN on Twitter; CENlife on Facebook; Cass Entrepreneurs Network on LinkedIn).

Sarah Van Lam

Opening speech by Andrea Bonaceto - CEO of HiredGrad

Opening speech by Andrea Bonaceto – CEO of HiredGrad

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