A Visit from the Funding Angels

‘Twas the fortnight before Christmas, and for the third year running,

Nine start-ups were pitching, to get some Pre-Christmas funding;

Entrepreneurs all around were anxiously buzzing,

Waiting for a Christmas fairy to spread Christmas loving;

They got instead Angels, from Seedcamp, SaatchInvest and Cass Entrepreneurs Fund,

Our panel of investors was truly sharp tongued;


The first to the stage was Vaibhav Negi with an app called TrainingTiger,

Whose passion for fitness was truly to admire;

The app was a platform for people to book personal trainers,

For cheap personal training he was truly a campaigner;


Second came Narinder Pangli from GiraVista, with the 360 degree camera for action,

The market for which is gaining considerable traction;

A new way to experience everything around,

And a self-edit app to whittle it all down;


After came Nicholas Oliver of C8 Management who gave a truly passionate pitch,

The concept of which was actually quite rich;

It empowered people to sell their details to companies,

In return for a reward or some extra monies;


Fourth was Ruwan Welaratna from Evo, his product was an intelligent video baby monitor,

The old age market he was also out to conquer;

The app that connects to the camera has a link for new born advice,

For when you need sleep support from someone who is nice;


Fifth to present were Paulo Ursino and Rav Roberts from ConneXM,

An internet of things company, whose pitch was quite complicated,

Thanks to the hero from the audience who easily translated;


The next was Shahzad Younas of Muzmatch and what a humorous pitch he gave,

The concept of matchmaking for the Muslim community was quite brave;

A platform for people looking to get married,

With unique features such as allowing a guardian making it quite varied;

He won the hearts and raised laughter from the crowd,

He truly did himself and his company proud;


If you’re looking for bargains then look no further,

The next pitch came from Suzanne Noble of Frugl, who displayed great fervour;

A bargain hunting marketplace for food, drinks, classes and events,

With the spending season coming, perfect for all you ladies and gents;


A last minute addition to the line-up was Upma Arora from Dhaba Lane,

A “great tasting curry!” the investor from Seedcamp did proclaim;

Healthy, tasty food this independent Indian kitchen serves,

An authentic treat that we all deserve;


The final pitch of the night was Dean Prosenica from Archtor,

Keyboard lag and forgetting key bindings are no longer reasons to cry for;

A customisable gaming keyboard that lights up and will change,

So you no longer have to worry about remembering spells if you’re an RPG mage;

It aims to cut down the learning time for new games,

An interesting way to reduce the ‘noob’ shame;


As the judges deliberated who won the best pitch,

The audience and start-ups mingled (had a few drinks),

Everyone asking what everyone else thinks;

Unfortunately there could only be one winner,

As the judges came out, the tension began to simmer;

The decision was made, the winner was Muzmatch!

Congratulations Shahzad it was a pleasure to watch.


For photos of the event click here


About the author: Shail Patel

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